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 Located in Wheelersburg, OH at the southern most tip of Ohio. Serving the tri-state area of Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Kevin Gore and his team at Quality Spray Foam Insulation, LLC ( formerly Quality Residential Services, LLC ) has over 30 years of experience in the residential and commercial building industry.

In early 2008, we realized that with the rise in heating and cooling costs literally going thru the roof, there had to be better ways to insulate residential and commercial buildings and the homes and additions we ourselves were building. Thus the research began.

After extensive research on spray foam and other methods of insulating, we decided that spray foam insulation was what we needed to be doing to help our customers stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer and to live more comfortably and cheaper.

In late 2008, after a big investment, schooling and training, we finished our first job. It was then that we knew, spray foam insulation was the right choice and was going to be the future of battling the high costs of heating and cooling. The spray foam filled every nook and cranny and reached places there was no way possible to insulate with traditional insulations such as fiberglass and cellulose. No drafts from outside winds, the efficiency of the heating system, and the soundproofing! We were simply amazed!!

In 2014, five years later and thousands upon thousands of board feet sprayed, we decided to concentrate ONLY on installing spray foam insulation. We changed the company name from Quality Residential Services, LLC to Quality Spray Foam Insulation, LLC and we now look forward to the future, helping home-owners fight the ever rising heating and cooling costs and enjoying comfortable and healthy lives in their homes.

Why us?

Experience and Knowledge are our strong points. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

 We are NOT just another company out there to do a job and take your money. We are dedicated to our customers to provide the highest quality of work and to be courteous and professional in every way.

We have years of experience in the building industry and the knowledge and understanding of how air moves in and out of structures, allowing us to give our customers the most energy efficient and comfortable home possible.

Over the years we have had many, many satisfied customers and strive to keep the list growing.

We are always looking and listening for better ideas and practices to satisfy our customers' needs and incorporating them, as they prove effective, into our daily routine.